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A common reaction to just about any topic under the sun.

Impressed? Excited? Confused? Surprised?

"WHOA" is the word we use when we are so enamored we can't even formulate words.

That's how people feel when they look at you, and all the unique traits you have.

The traits that set you apart from everybody else.

Just like you, WHOA designs are one-of-a-kind.

No two pieces are ever the same.

Every piece has its own unique energy.

Different patterns, different dyes, different fabrics, different shades of color.

That's what makes each one special.

It's time to celebrate that individuality of yours.

Ready Set "WHOA" with the flow!


As an investment in our future, the future of our planet, and future generations to come, 

we have donated $888 to The Surfrider Foundation USA and $500 to Children International.

As the World Wide Web of WHOA expands with your help it continues to grow and further make an impact around the world. Your love and support is greatly appreciated and I would like to personally thank you for supporting independent artists and small businesses. I am forever grateful to be spending time doing what I love and sharing it with you.

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