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S1 EP6 - HuntHux

Recording artist, producer, rapper, and DJ HuntHux is living the Southern Californian dream. Finding a connection with the oceans off the coast, as soon as he moved to San Diego from the east coast he never looked back. Because of a similar mindset in the way he approaches his music, we have collaborated on many different events and recorded new styles of music with him. Be on the lookout for future Boogie Mob Productions!
Boogie Mob Records TM


Nathan Ball quit his job less than a week after we first met because he was inspired to focus on selling his own unique creations instead of working for somebody else. As he navigates his way through fashion school he uses his brand UNSHOOK to connect with people about their struggles in life and how they overcame adversity. From directing and hosting his own run way fashion shows to designing one of a kind pieces for music videos he keeps his hands busy creating stylish designs and abstract concepts. 

S1 EP4 - LeAnn Morgan

From a fashion background on Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, to owning her own conscious retail boutique in Laguna Beach, LeAnn shares her stories about how traveling worldwide gave her career a lot of momentum at a young age. She now uses her knowledge of energy, crystals, and sound to heal others through her own unique practices at her shop Experience Divine Vibes. Find out more in this episode as she shares her tips on how to live a more conscious lifestyle using certain products, tools, and instruments that she has discovered around the globe.
Experience Divine Vibes TM

S1 EP3 - Michael Medall

Blending his expertise of crystals, fashion, and music Michael Medall shares his love and passion for life through artistic expression. He is the founder and creative director for his brand The Wave Gods who specialize in handcrafted jewelry. Their mission is to spread peace, love, unity, and respect in order to uplift the vibrational frequency of the planet while putting pure intentions into every piece they create. Find out why we came together as small business owners, and how our brands have helped us positively influence the communities around us!  
@michaelmedall / @wavegodsofficial 
The Wave Gods TM

S1 EP2 - Lamel

From Inglewood, CA to Brooklyn, NY Lamel's focus and passion for music is infectious and incredibly inspiring. As a full time independent artist and entrepreneur he gives us some insight into his creative process and shares his stories about people and experiences that have helped him along the way. Tune in to find more about the meaning behind his brand and how he's helped play his part in the WE ARE WHOA community since the very beginning. 

S1 EP1 - David James

Singer, song-writer, producer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist David James has been a big part of the WE ARE WHOA movement since 2016! Using the powers of meditation and manifestation he has been able to transform his life and explore more of his artistic abilities. Learn about his story, how we met, and how we've helped each other grow as individuals, artists, and business owners over the years. 
Purple Chameleon Productions TM

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